About Kajonkietsuksa School

Kajonkietsuksa school is a private bilingual school with both Thai and English Programme. The school was founded in 1954 and the English Programme started in 1999 and has successfully expanded each and every year.

This successful growth represents the basis of the future school plans which include expansion of school facilities, school supplies and materials and the incorporation of additional grade-levels to accommodate the ever increasing student demand.

The school syllabus based on the Thai curriculum with the ultimate aim of providing the students with the broadest quality education possible. Modern teaching methodology, couple with a wide range of educational resources, ensures that the students receive a quality education.

Kajonkietsuksa school was establishes on 25th May 1954 by Khun Chai Ketkul, with the support of Luang Kajon Lohavej. The school was opened in order to further educational growth according to National Policy and the Ministry of Education’s curriculum has been implemented ever since.

In 1964, a two-storey wooden house was redesigned to be used as classrooms, In 1986 the school’s ownership was passed on to Khun Pravit  Laoviseskul and later, in 1995, to Khun Thidaporn Laoviseskul who is still the School Directress now.

For over 60 years, the school has expanded from the two-storey wooden house to the  the new, modern style campus in Kathu. The school today houses all Kindergarten, Primary  in English Programme, and Secondary in English Programme (EP) and English Special Class (ESC). The school now employs more than 250 qualified teaching staff, both Thai and Foreign, and over 1,500 students enrolled in 2016