The school is comprised of a set of classrooms to cater for the different academic levels. Furniture and classroom ambience is a result of careful planning. Cheerful colours, balanced lighting and careful positioning of work spaces contribute to the overall feeling of welcome.

  • Projectors
  • Wireless internet connection
  • Portfolio cabinets
  • Student’s tables and chairs
  • Shelves
  • Display boards
  • Teaching board

ICT Laboratory

KJS has a large, fully-equipped computer laboratory which is a shared resource between the Primary and Secondary Schools. Information Technology education follows the international standards of learning.

Computer Facilities:

  • 2 Computer Laboratories:
  • Lab 1 = 30 PCs with locked internet access, 1 printer, 1 scanner, 1 projector
  • Lab 2 = 25 portable laptops with wifi internet access, 1 printer, 1 projector, whiteboard

Recording Studio and Music Rooms

A recording studio and a selection of different sized sound-proofed music rooms provide our students with a creative and nurturing environment.  A range of instruments including piano, drums, guitar, keyboard and Thai traditional musical instruments are available.  In addition a full set of instruments including drums and wind instruments make up the school’s marching band.

Home Economics (Cooking) Room

The School offers a range of Food Science and Technology Courses to the students. These are very practical courses where the students gain skills and knowledge in the kitchen and also some nutrition theory. The aim of the Food Science Department is to provide practical and theoretical knowledge to assist our students in living a healthy life in the future.
The following equipment is available in the Home Economics Room:

  • 4 Built in ceramic hotplates
  • 1 oven
  • Stainless steel preparation areas
  • Cleaning areas
  • Kitchen utensils


The gymnasium is a bright and open space which can accommodate approximately 500 students at a time.  Facilities include a rubberized  floor designed for the safety of the students.  Within the gymnasium are housed 2 full-sized basket ball courts and 2 volley ball/badminton courts.  In addition to the sporting amenities, the gymnasium also has a seating capacity of approximately 350.

The inclusion of a permanent stage and back-stage area make this an ideal venue for a variety of activities such as shows, plays or seminars.

Dance Studio

A dance studio is accommodated within the gymnasium area.  With full length wall mirrors, the space provides students with the ideal environment in which to practice different styles of dance, both ancient and modern.

Multi-function Meeting Room

A fully functional meeting room with internet access and projector is available.  With double glazed folding doors, the room can be used for two smaller functions or one large function.

Library and Self Access

The school library is well-designed and equipped to serve the requirements for both our students and staff. The school makes sufficient budgetary allowance for library resources (i.e. library’s book collection and equipment) and it is equipped with internet access 24/7 for both students and teachers. The library has 2 two computers for use by the students and staff.

The school has two library sections one of which includes a wide array of Grade Leveled English Reading books, encyclopedia, dictionaries, fiction and other references. The other section is for the sole use of the Secondary school and is equipped with six computer units with access to the internet.  The students have self access where they are able to carry out research and project work  It contains an assortment of books, encyclopedias, CDs, DVDs, research data bases and periodicals.  It also has a sub-section which is dedicated to the new Young Entrepreneur (Business) Programme.

Young Entrepreneur Room

The Young Entrepreneur Room will allow students enrolled within the YE programme to meet, discuss, research and prepare for projects set by their teachers.  The space will be dedicated to everything entrepreneurial and will be the hub for this newly introduced course.  Furnished with technology and information about our partner, Bangkok University, the space will provide our students in Upper Secondary with a flavour of university life.

Swimming Pool

The School provides both our Primary and Mattayom students with a 25m chlorinated swimming pool.  The pool has a depth of 1.4m to ensure the safety of swimmers who are beginners to those who are competent.  The all weather swimming pool area is equipped with shower rooms and other facilities to meet students’ needs for primary and secondary levels.  Swimming galas and competitions are also catered for as the swimming pool area also benefits from having a spectator grandstand with an approximate seating capacity of approximately 200.

The Green Pitch (Futsal/Football)

An undercover green pitch has been provided to accommodate the needs of our students to participate in sports such as futsal and football (soccer).  Slightly smaller than a full sized football pitch and having an artificial surface, the area provides for all weather play at any time of the year.

Tennis Courts

Our two hard court all weather tennis courts are nestled in the centre of the campus, linking the futsal field and the gymnasium.  At around 16m x 33m, they are suitable for all standards of play from beginners to more advanced players.

Science Laboratory

Science Facilities:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • General Science

Adequate laboratory space is provided for each student with sufficient electrical and water outlets.  A sink is provided for students in the laboratory.

Safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, fire blankets, fume cupboards, eye wash stations and first-aid kits are placed in the laboratory.

Lockable cabinets are available for chemicals or dangerous equipment.

Chemical containers are labelled with the name of the chemical.

Students wear protective aprons and splash-resistant goggles when working with chemicals.


KJS has a fully operational cafeteria, accommodating 150 to 300 students.  It provides a selection of local and international dishes at competitive prices and occupies a light and airy space.

Art Room

The art room for Secondary students has display areas as well as workspace and storage facilities. The art room is utilized by students at all levels.  The room is fully-equipped enabling students to express their creativity and imagination using a variety of media.  Students learn various techniques of drawing, painting, print-making and also explore other mediums within the art world.

Mini Mart

The onsite mini mart is stocked with items that students may need during the course of a typical day.  Notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers – everything they may need is available on campus.  In addition, the mini mart sells drinks and snacks at break and lunchtimes during the school day.

Coffee Shop

Whether you are a teacher, parent or visitor at the school, the Coffee Shop provides a place to relax with a drink and a freshly baked cake or pastry.  Freshly brewed coffee and a selection of quality teas are just two of the many choices on offer every day.  With competitive pricing, a delicious bakery and a welcoming ambiance, the Coffee Shop is a very popular meeting place for both business and pleasure.  Students are allowed to buy items at break and lunchtimes, but are not allowed to sit in this area unless they are accompanied by one of their parents or an adult.